All You Need To Know: Qualifying Draw

The waiting is almost over as the Qualifying Draw for EURO 2020 will take place in Dublin’s Convention Centre on Sunday, December 2.

The pots have been confirmed for the UEFA EURO 2020 qualifying draw, which takes place at 12CET on Sunday in Dublin.

Holders Portugal lead the seedings for the qualifying draw
The pots have been confirmed for the UEFA EURO 2020 qualifying draw, which takes place in Dublin’s Convention Centre, live at 11am on Sunday 2 December.

The pots
UEFA Nations League pot (4): Switzerland*, Portugal*, Netherlands*, England*

Pot 1 (6): Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Poland

Pot 2 (10): Germany, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina*, Ukraine*, Denmark*, Sweden*, Russia, Austria, Wales, Czech Republic

Pot 3 (10): Slovakia, Turkey, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland*, Norway*, Serbia*, Finland*, Bulgaria, Israel

Pot 4 (10): Hungary, Romania, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Georgia*

Pot 5 (10): FYR Macedonia*, Kosovo*, Belarus*, Luxembourg, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Gibraltar, Faroe Islands

Pot 6 (5): Latvia, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Malta, San Marino

*Already ensured at least a play-off place after winning UEFA Nations League group

How were the pots formed?
All the teams involved in the UEFA Nations League were classified from 1-55 following the conclusion of the League Phase on Tuesday. Individual league rankings were established according to their position in a group, points gained, goal difference, goals scored etc. (see 18.01 of regulations for full criteria), with the 12 League A teams ranked 1st to 12th, the 12 League B teams 13th to 24th and so on.

The teams were then allocated, according to the rankings, to the following pots:

UEFA Nations League pot: UEFA Nations League finalists (4)
Pot 1: Teams ranked 5th to 10th (6)
Pot 2: Teams ranked 11th to 20th (10)
Pot 3: Teams ranked 21st to 30th (10)
Pot 4: Teams ranked 31st to 40th (10)
Pot 5: Teams ranked 41st to 50th (10)
Pot 6: Teams ranked 51st to 55th (5)

How does the draw work?
Full draw explanation, including various restrictions not mentioned below, can be found here.

The four teams in the UEFA Nations League pot will be drawn into first position in Groups A to D. This is to ensure they have two dates free to play the UEFA Nations League Finals in June.

The teams in Pot 1 will then be drawn into first position in Groups E to J. The teams in Pot 2 will be drawn into second positions in the ten groups, with the draw continuing in similar style for Pots 3, 4 and 5 to fill positions 3, 4 and 5 respectively. The teams in Pot 6 will be drawn into sixth position in the six-team Groups F to J.

How does qualifying work?
The road to UEFA EURO 2020 explained
The top two teams in each of the ten groups will automatically qualify for UEFA EURO 2020. The remaining four berths will be filled by the play-offs, which are contested by the 16 UEFA Nations League group winners (i.e. the four group winners in each of the four divisions) or the next best-ranked team in their league.

If a league does not have four teams to compete, the remaining slots are allocated to teams from another league, according to the overall UEFA Nations League rankings.

The draw will be shown live on RTE 2 from 11am on Sunday.