Skillzy, the official mascot for UEFA EURO 2020 was officially unveiled in March 2019. Inspired by freestyle football, Skillzy embodies variations of the beautiful game – freestyle, football, street football as well as panna.

Skillzy was accompanied onto the pitch by two of the world’s leading freestylers, Liv Cooke and Tobias Becs, who were also announced as official UEFA EURO 2020 Freestylers during the pre-match show.

Your chance to get involved

People from all 12 UEFA EURO 2020 host nations are now invited to get involved and show what they can do: upload a video of skills that best represent your host city and you could bag a role during the finals!

Liv and Tobias will shortlist the entries for a public vote when two people (one male, one female) will be chosen for each of the host cities including Dublin.

“UEFA EURO 2020 will be one of the biggest sporting events in history, and the involvement of freestyle culture will only enhance it as a spectacle and make sure there is something for everyone,” says Tobias, a former European champion from Norway. “This feels like a really exciting crossover moment.”

The 24 winners will become local UEFA EURO 2020 Freestylers and will get the chance to display their skills at selected events.

To learn more, please visit www.euro2020.com/your-move